Product Offerings & Solutions

Zicuro offers a wide array of comprehensive and diverse solutions to cater to the requirements of clients.
We provide solutions for the following diverse functions:

Front Office
(Trading Desk)

  • Access to all global exchanges and intermediaries from a single screen
  • An in-built real-time Risk Management System (RMS)
  • Built-in strategies ready for use
  • Best in-class analytics

Mid Office
(Risk Surveillance)

  • Consolidated view of Margin, Balance & Shortfall
    • Captures trades from exchanges & market intermediaries across geographies
  • Real-time Alerts
    • Get instantaneous real-time rule based alerts on custom risk parameters
    • Real time Greeks
  • Custom View
    • Bespoke viewing for you - monitor positions the way you like (Terminal-wise, Client-wise, Instrument-wise, etc.)
  • Seamless Integration
    • With Back-Office for accounting, reporting and compliance purposes

Back Office
(Accounting & Reporting)

  • Comprehensive & Flexible Accounting Package
    • A complete double-entry, multi-currency and multi-entity ledger environment
    • Generates Trial Balance, P&L & Balance Sheet in any base currency
  • Compliance & Reporting
    • System of reporting which is fully compliant or in adherence with regulatory frameworks for all segments across exchanges
  • Automated

Salient Features

A comprehensive & integrated system enabling Trading, Risk Management & Back Office functions

Supports multiple asset classes across global exchanges, OTC markets and intermediaries

Handles diverse valuation & settlement conventions, including the OTC markets

Ready (in-built) international regulation compliant formats for mandatory reporting

Customizable reports and account heads as per conventions that you follow

Our software is extremely user-friendly with a host of special features designed particularly for the specific day-to-day needs of the clients.

Coverage & Support
Report Generation
Client Functionalities
Account Summary
Computations & Calculations
Covers Cash, Forwards, Futures, Options and Spot segments of Equity, Commodity & FX markets
Generate Reports in an extremely user friendly and efficient manner
Role-wise access to different users
Account entry screen for Payment entry, Receipt entry, Journal entry etc. in Multi currency
Options & MTM (VM) Calculations – provides as per Indian as well as International standards
Supports both Indian as well as foreign settlement conventions
Generates Reports like Trades, Open Positions, Profit & Loss, MTM (VM), etc.
Maintains audit log information
Generates Account Ledger in Multi as well as in Base Currency with day-to-day FX Variation, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance sheet in Base Currency
Broker-wise & Client-wise commission computation with bifurcation of Exchange fees & Commission separately and other applicable charges
Multi-Currency Support for Ledger & P/L
Client confirmation option available for individual clients and family group clients
P/L Generation – Provides on FIFO basis and also provides a customized option “To Settle Intraday Trade First and then FIFO” basis
Custom field mapping to allow import of trade files from any format
Implements impact of corporate actions
Multi-Currency Support for Ledger & P/L

The Zicuro Edge

Zicuro offers a comprehensive integrated system developed by our in-house team of highly skilled and talented experts who have been immensely successful in

Running multi-asset and multi-currency
trading desks across the globe

Post-trade monitoring and processing,
including mandatory reporting

Building trading and market
infrastructure systems

At Zicuro, we fully understand the challenges that you are facing
The good news is that we have built a system which successfully manages them

The ZICURO Advantage

ZICURO endeavours to address the following common pain-points faced by clients

  • Lack of common access to market intermediaries and exchanges globally
  • Tracking frequently changing compliance procedures across jurisdictions, brokers and exchanges
  • Error-prone reconciliation with OTC brokers, arising from diverse valuation and settlement conventions
  • Inability to standardize multi-currency positions for international operations
  • Increased operational risks due to lack of front, middle and back-office integration
  • Fragmented setting of trading parameters and complicated position surveillance across exchanges, brokers and banks on a single platform
  • Prohibitive costs and compromised privacy while implementing systematic trading strategies and executing multi-legged trades
Your Need
The Zicuro Solution
Adherence of reports to regulatory norms
Exchange and regulator compliant reports for all segments across exchanges
Compatibility towards multiple currencies
Multi-currency support
Conformity to OTC market norms
Fully configured to meet OTC market norms
Real-time alerts of exchange limit breach and risk parameters
Get rule based live alerts on user-defined risk parameters
Hassle-free integration of RMS & Back-Office
Seamlessly integrate the Risk Manager with the Back-Office for reporting and compliance purposes
Single-screen global market view with market data and trade integration
Access markets globally on a single platform
Lack of suggestive trading strategies with automated execution
Built-in trading strategies to automate execution without writing code

Our Target Audience

Our innovative products cater to the trading, risk and post-trade operation needs of Trading Members, Portfolio Managers & Treasury Desks in India and overseas